Baltic dehydrated products Ltd. was launched in 2003 in Riga, Latvia as industrial fruits supplier. Since then we have learned to deliver in the region fruits as ingredients and snacks, vegetables and nuts, mushrooms and other ingredients to serve best our customers. Our goal is to see them having fun by creating with our products.

WHO we are

Baltic dehydrated products company was born in the 2003 in the very centre of the Baltic countries, Riga, Latvia. The company was established in production site on the left side of the city in a seven hectare commercial area what allows us to have our offices nearby our warehouses and production facilities.

BDP is a company whose experts have been working for 10 years in fruit industry and in the constant research for product and service quality so as to offer the customers everything they need. As a family owned and managed company BDP initially is dedicated to wholesale operation. Soon the company is planning to involve in processing and packing of snack fruits and other dried products as sugars and salts.

Our products are meeting quality standards worldwide. Our aim is to offer the highest quality fruit products in Eastern European markets and also to be the regional low cost supplier of fruit ingredients through standard for quality and cost efficiency.

Dilevery is the point

As partners, we want to deliver the best possible choice, value and service to our customers. To be able to provice this consistently, we listen to them, analyze the feedback, and act quickly on sourcing, process, research and application services (tailor made products).

WHY we are - our philosophy

The partnership with our customers and the satisfaction of their specific demands are the foundations upon which the work of BDP is based which is equal to more and more aggressive competitors and customers’ demands. The continuous dialogue with the customers allows to answer at the right and convenient moment to the market requirements. Our goal is to offer new and various possibilities to use fruits in daily nutrition. By combining traditional berry processing and modern technology we make sure that the valuable ingredients of berries will refine natural color, aroma, functional health impacts and surplus value of image. Because of our suppliers we are large enough to have all of the quality systems that you expect from a reliable, professional full-service food product supplier, while at the same time being small enough to be attentive to your needs. As all of our products are imported, we have become experts in international logistics, transportation and documentation. This way we invite you to improve your products. Our goal is to develop and maintain long-term relationships with our partners.

Our strategy – expertize, honesty, fairness, reliability, responsibility and information

Our business philosophy is targeted at offering regionally the best quality dried products at prices corresponding to real market conditions. The company's vision is being realized through the combination of our reliable experts, honesty, structured responsibility and latest market information.
Latvia has long been considered one of the most attractive transit and warehousing environments in the world of commodities / fruits and vegetables.

If you have or need a new product idea, we will do all we can to support the realisation of them with our products. We supply far more than an ingredient - we provide a comprehensive idea and service support. We place pressure on ourselves every day to ensure the highest standards of innovation, quality and reliability.

We are aware that we can only be successful if our customers and suppliers are. Through our services we intend to meet precisely this target, and thus to link the requirements and expectations of customers.

To insure unprejudiced information we do not take own positions. Absolute discretion, reliability, precision, and flexibility are cornerstones of our operations.