Together with our partners in Italy we offer dried fruit mixes with real diced fruits to make easier for bakeries a preparation of fruit pie fillings. These mixes contain dehydrated diced fruits or berries, sugar, starch and eventually fruit powders. By using such semi prepared mixes bakers need to follow just some simple steps to have a ready to use preparation:

1) to  empty contents of the bag into a well cleaned bowl;

2) to add water according to indications on the packaging and stir well;

3) to stir well again once the rehydration is finished.

Such dry mixes are targeted at both industrial producers and small bakeries, which can prepare filling for 10 average fruit pies from only one sachet of dry mix. For larger industrial customers we can offer more convenient larger packaging. If the prepared filling is not immediately used, it can be well stored in a fridge for another 48 hours.

Currently we offer: