Natural food ingredients

We are working exclusively with natural and high-quality selected raw material, so that we can meet the consumer's expectations, including organic products. We offer mainly local, as well as exotic fruits, which can be delivered as powders, flakes, slices, cubes, dices and whole fruits, according to our customer's requirements. The main characteristics are the following:
-moisture 3.5% or higher;
-natural color, taste and smell of fresh fruits;
-capacity of dried fruits to re-hydrate fully back to fresh pieces;
-different cut sizes for every application;
-shelf life at least 12 months;
-easy to store and transport;
-constant quality.

In order to reach correct application we help our customers to choose the fruits made:
by the right drying method (freeze dried, air dried or osmotic);
of suitable moisture (low / regular / high moisture dried);
of convenient size (powders, flakes, slices, cubes, dices and whole fruits);
of optimal quantity in their expected finished product.