Dried cut strawberries (Fragaria vesca) are prepared only from sound, fresh and clean berries, which are washed and frozen, then cut and dehydrated with hot air to the highest standards for food products. Product appears as dark red colored sound and chewy irregular free flowing dices. Product has a characteristic fresh and ripe strawberry flavor. Low moisture <8%, sieve from <8mm and bigger (12mm) available. Shelflife: 12 months. Country of origin: Italy or Poland.
In folk medicinal practice strawberry was used for better appetite, and to stabilize digestion. It is also used against urolithiasis and gallstone diseases, podarga, hepatitis, etc. In a number of countries strawberry is used against colitis, jaundice, ulcers, rachitis and other diseases. Fruit decoction has positive affect on high blood pressure and excessive heart beat.

In scientific medicine it is proven the diuretic, resolvent qualities which are effective to cure gallstone and gastritis.