instant rice

Instant rice - an ingredient that is produced from carefully selected raw material of mainly EU origin. Standard rice (white or parboiled) is treated by steam to prepare the starch for next step - boiling. After rice is cooked in water comes drying in hot air ovens.

As convenience commodity rice could be used WITHOUT boiling - just after adding hot or cold water for rehydration. This gives several advantages: eliminates the cooking phase, shortens production time and consumption of water, does not overcook, gives free flowing grains and, finally, is extremely easy to use.

We offer many kinds of instant rice for different applications: long grain parboiled rice for instant ready meals and soups, long and medium grain white rice for instant meals, cup food, side dishes and sushi, round grain white rice for rice puddings, milk rice, yogurts, rice cakes and baby food. Imagine - the preparation time of those is 2,5 minutes and more...with water absorbtion of twice the weight of rice.