An old proverb attests to the health benefits of the fruit: "An apple a day keeps the doctor away."

Dried apple (malus pumila) slices are prepared only from carefully selected fresh and clean apples. During the process the fruits are washed, decored, cut and dehydrated with hot air respecting GMP for food preparations. Product appears as light brown slices, with or without red peal, homogenous, free of lumps. Moisture from less than 4% to medium 12% moisture and higher for slices, halves etc. Shelflife: 12 months. Origin: Italy, Poland, or Hungary.

Organic and controlled cultivations for baby food available on request.

Like many fruits, apples contain Vitamin C as well as a host of other antioxidant compounds, which may reduce the risk of cancer by preventing DNA damage. The fiber content, while less than in most other fruits, helps regulate bowel movements and may thus reduce the risk of colon cancer. They may also help with heart disease, weight loss and controlling cholesterol, as they do not have any cholesterol, have fibre (which reduces cholesterol by preventing reabsorption), and are bulky for their caloric content like most fruits and vegetables.