Edible mushrooms are high in fibre and vitamins. Mushrooms are also a source of some minerals, including iron, selenium, potassium and phosphorous. Our offer include boletus edulis or porcini, boletus luteus and mixed european.

Boletus edulis is an edible mushroom, most commonly known as porcini (from the plural of its Italian name porcino), and king bolete. People consider it superior to most other porcini in flavor and in texture - which is supported by its higher retail price.

When dried, Boletus edulis has more protein than all other commonly consumed vegetables. Porcini are eaten and enjoyed raw, sautéed with butter, ground into pasta, in risotto, in soups, and in many other dishes. They are a feature of many cuisines, in soups and consumed blanched in salads.

We can offer also other high quality mushrooms, like boletus luteus, chanterelles, champignons and a range of mixes.

According to official figures, around 3000 tons were consumed in France, Italy and Germany. They are widely exported and sold in dried form, reaching countries where they do not occur naturally, such as Australia. A 1998 survey estimates between 20,000 and 100,000 tons are consumed worldwide.