Fruits and berries

Founded in 2003 BDP company strives to offer a wide range of fruit ingredients that are adjusted to most demanding industrial customers' requirements.

Vegetables and herbs

Whether vegetables or fruits, nuts or cereals, our offered raw materials are produced by most up-to-date technologies to achieve the necessary structure, particle size or organoleptic properties.


As a customer focused company we regularly increase our product range which contains today several hundreds of raw materials for food production.

Nuts and Seeds

We offer added value ingredients - being micro cleaned, low bacteria item or having high nutritional value and functional properties.


Our product range contains extruded and puffed cereal products on top of most common breakfast cereal flakes.

Diary ingredients

Besides milk and protein powders customers are enabled to choose from various dried cheese varieties and cut sizes as strands, granules or powder. There are vegetarian, organic or clean label items available, too.

Biscuits, meringues and soft cubes

These wonderful ingredients are mostly used in confectionery and ice-cream industries.