Quality and certificates


We pay a great importance to food quality and safety. In order to assure consistently growing demand for food safety, our management process is based on latest international standards on top of our customer strict additional requirements to food safety in every stage of food supply chain.

Main principles of our quality management system:

  • We have customer focused quality system. Our customers are defining the level of necessary food safety standard. Whether it should be employees training or improvement of software to offer a faster service - customers are the first to tell us what is necessary to solve.
  • Quality management system is based on systematic approach to achieve company strategic mission and goals. Product quality is a cornerstone of this system.
  • Our management system is operating as integrated set of processes with full involvement of employees. All employees do participate in achieving company's common goals. Every employee understands the goals and processes of food safety and quality management system that is in line with international GFSI standards;
  • Every decision is based on facts. In order to evaluate the performance of our system, we collect data by surveys of our customers and suppliers on regular basis. This allows us to cooperate only with suppliers that are tested in a long-term partnership, approved and certified following international standards;
  • Quality of our food products is verified by all necessary original documentation and analysis from third party accredited laboratories. This assures necessary food safety during the supply chain from origin of raw material till delivery to final customer.

We have been registered with state food authorities with assigned food operator number: 019622.

Our supply of organic products is certified under registration number: LV-BIO-01.